Problems arise.
We're here to fix them.


For all things additive: we help you improve, fix, develop, capture and innovate.

For all things additive, we are here to guide you through the process. Help is here. Let's get the ball rolling.


Materials to fit your target product, audience and budget. Picking out the correct material is easy with ZIVIZ.

Research & Design

Bring your ideas to reality-and market. Start with us and end with a beautiful product that eveyone will enjoy.

Programming & Development

Manufacturing can be confusing. Get the ball rolling with the correct software language, we can help you run software efficiently and correctly.

Compatibility & Connectivity

In our world of growing communications, it gets easy to lose a seamless connection. Run your manufacturing communications remotely & off grid. Control it from halfway accross the world. Start and stop prints with piece of mind.

Inventory Reimagination

Re-think the way you keep an inventory. In-house production and distribution to companies/consumers is easy with us.
We can set up a virtual inventory and machines that allow you to produce hundreds of products per day.

Safety & Sustainability

With danger around every turn, it's easy to neglect the dangers of manufacturing. Make sure our buddy danger is always in check. So you can keep those extra hours of sleep for yourself.

Material Selection

Placing the right material for the job. The right molecule makes all the difference, especially when it's go time.

Environmentally Conscious

Intelligent practices & techniques that strive to preserve the longevity of this beautiful planet.

Easy solutions to act on your goal.

Let ZIVIZ guide your path and get your company to the pinnacle of the 3D world.

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