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Frequent Questions

"Is support extra?"

Support is always included with our monthly subscription packages! And if we cannot troubleshoot the problem, we will fix it.

"What is the ziviz printer program?"

The ZIVIZ PRINTER PROGRAM is a 3D printer leasing program that allows individuals and businesses to create beautiful products with ease and simplicity. All for a low monthly subscription cost.

"I have a problem with my printer...?"

If ever should a problem arise with your printer, always power down the printer! Follow the troubleshooting guide included with the printer,or call us at 847-401-5361. If the troubleshooting doesn't fix the problem, we will fix the issue. If in the rare event there is an emergency, please dial 911 immediately.

"What is included in my Subscription?"

Depending on your subscription tier, your package may* include a ZIVIZ machine, supply packages and parts. Every subscription tier includes service, repair, and filament packages. For more information on each package tier and customization, visit our store.

"Where are the hidden fees?"

There are NEVER hidden fees, we are makers, and we serve makers. Our honor code encompasses clarity honesty and quality to all of our clients. We don't include hidden fees because our packages have been priced for competition in the market. We value each and every customer because every customer deserves to be valued.

"How much does design stuff cost?"

Every design case is different, custom and individual for the client. However, if you are in need of a quote please contact us for full information and get a sample price sheet. Single hobby user licensed designs start at $40 where commercial multi-user licensed designs begin at $110.

"Will my part fit?"

ZIVIZ has it covered. Our design protocol cheat book pdf is free with every subscription. All the tips, tricks and 3D secrets are yours to utilize to ensure every part fits properly, with specific tolerance and accuracy.


The possibilities are endless. The ZIVIZ line of machines offers a number of processes that allow for a wide variety of manufacturing types. Every user has the ability to create products out of plastic, metal, wood, leather and paper. Each user can effectively mix and combine materials and make a lasting product for personal or commercial use. For more ZIVIZ made ideas and inspiration, email us for an inspiration kit!

"How fast...?"

Ships fast, Prints fast, Fast support, to keep the down time minimal. And with the dual printing feature, you can make products up to 10x faster than the competition.

"Can you print that?"

Print in a number of materials including METAL, the ZIV1Z with it's ONCA extruders can handle almost all thats thrown at it, with stunning accuracy.

"Can you scan this?"

We can scan almost everything, and scanning unique and delicate items is possible, however, scanning items that contain shiny surfaces or transparency that cannot be coated or dipped may not be scannable.

"Why Ziviz?"

ZIVIZ INNOVATIONS serves the 3D community as well as our local community. We are making great strides in developing machines, designs, and products that can be used by everyone- everywhere with the environment at mind. We strive to deliver great quality products at honest and affordable prices that are accessible by everyone. Our services are designed not only to be competitive in the industry as well as locally, but to offer a distinct and excellent experience for the user. As a small to medium business, ZIVIZ INNOVATIONS honors client relationships with standards that put us above competition. We look to make the future great, because we the makers are the future.

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