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ZIVIZ is  disrupting traditional inefficiencies in today's world of manufacturing.
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Of all manufacturing techniques could be performed using additive manufacturing (3D printing)
Expected 3D printing market volume by 2024*
of the additive manufacturing market is amateur & non-professional users
We are here to change this.

Quality goods & services that don''t break the bank. We want to give everyone the ability to make something useful, beautiful and practical.


The ONLY affordable hassle-free printer program on the market. Simplicity, solutions and the ability to make creates an experience unique to ZIVIZ INNOVATIONS.

Novel Techniques

We're different, but we engineer processes that effectively place us above anyone in our field. We utilize the most innovative techniques developed in house, because we wouldn't put it in our name if we didn't.


At ZIVIZ we have a sense of community and an honor code. You, our customer, is the future of ZIVIZ. We strive to deliver our promise and create a sense of community amongst the ZIVIZ users.


Our design process, store, and machines have been created with simplicity at mind. We have worked really hard to deliver a simple, turn-key, easy experience that is both professional and enjoyable for our customers.

Honor Code

We are run by or own honor code. It is made up of four main pillars: Charity, Fairness, Clarity, Quality. Because in today's world, companies care more about margins, that customer satisfaction. Our honor code encompasses 4 sections, all of which are designed to give our customers a truly enjoyable experience and create business relationships for the future.

Quality Parts, Products, Designs.

We live on quality, because cutting corners was so 1800's. The future is here, and ZIVIZ strives on delivering the best.

Lightning fast support

Fast support when you need it. Our protocol was made for the user. In the event that something goes wrong, we are here to guide you through it.

Let's make something great.

Contact us to make, learn and innovate.
Let's build the world the way it should be.
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